Göcsej Knowledge Center – Local Product Market of  Zalaegerszeg



The Göcsej Knowledge Center – Zalaegerszeg Local Product Market was created in the heart of the city center, next to the Vásárcsarnok, to help local producers and artisans reach the market, to match supply and demand, and to pass on the unique cultural heritage of the Göcsej region, traditional farming and the knowledge base of Göcsej handicrafts to the present day, help those interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge.

We want to smuggle back, at least in traces, the sense of life of self-sufficient peasant farming and the sense of life of people who live and create in harmony with nature, at least in traces, into the everyday lives of people living today.

High-quality, locally produced food ingredients and products processed from them await customers at the farmers’ market.

In the small shops under the arcades, local producers sell their own meat products reminiscent of the old world of taste, as well as various homemade leavened breads and other bakery products that change from time to time.

A wide selection of handmade baked goods and local products, as well as sandwiches and other delicacies made from them, await visitors to the Portéka store.

Paráz Bistro offers its guests a wide selection of delicacies made from locally produced ingredients.

In the three open craft workshops on the first floor – ceramicist, weaver, felt maker, lace maker, jewelry maker, quilter, leather decorator, gingerbread maker and basket weaver – they work alternately. Demonstrations and trainings are regularly held, to which all interested children and adults are welcome.

In the exhibition space, periodical exhibitions presenting the villages of Göcse, old and still existing traditions, folk handicrafts and handicraft masterpieces can be viewed.

The 60-person, modern lecture hall equipped with furniture reminiscent of the old times and decorated with a unique mural of Göcsejt is the venue for the transfer of knowledge. The courses organized in the training kitchen next to it pass on the food preparation habits of our grandmothers and the science of processing local products.

Last but not least, we also thought of the children. Handicrafts, wooden toys, and a peasant cart transformed into a climbing frame await them in our folk playhouse.

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